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Once you’ve been bitten by the ‘Grow your Own’ bug there’s one essential item you’re going to long for – and that’s a polytunnel!

Polytunnels allow you to extend your growing season, and ensure your crops aren’t at the mercy of mother nature – not only can you produce more veg; the veg produced in polytunnels is very often larger and higher quality than their outdoor counterparts. The protection offered by polytunnels gives you the gift of gardening outdoors indoors, when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring outside there are few better places to hide and get on with some digging than in one of our polytunnels.

Polytunnels are not only perfect for growing veg, they can be used to grow a variety of other plants and crops. French beans, bedding plants and cabbages are just a few plants that will thrive under cover in one of our polytunnels.

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