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About Northern Polytunnels

40 years of experience and knowledge go into every polytunnel!

At Northern Polytunnels we pride ourselves on good customer service and with over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of polytunnels our staff can ensure you get the best service and quality of product from one of the UK’s largest manufacturers.

Our range of structures is extensive and includes single span and multi span polytunnels and domestic polytunnels.

Our engineering and manufacturing department boasts some of the most advanced equipment available. With computerised tube bending and projection welding, it is possible to replicate parts with great accuracy. Because all the parts are manufactured internally, the quality control of all the processes can be monitored constantly.

Northern Polytunnels has the latest state-of-the-art computer software for drawing and structural analysis. This enables the design team to analyse the stresses and strains due to wind, snow etc, thus giving an accurate representation of what happens in real life. The software is capable of producing any profile and can be economic with design, which reduces over-engineering, which in turn reduces costs.

Ultimate confidence in our design and manufacturing processes enables us to give our customers peace of mind when choosing one of our structures. Why not read some of our Customer Feedback

Where did it all start?

 In 1969 my father, Peter Wolfenden a dairy farmer from East Lancashire, came up with the idea of obtaining a sheet of polythene and putting eyelets in each corner so that bales of hay that were standing in the fields could be stacked in piles and covered, to stop them being ruined by the rain before the farmers could get them indoors.

The next development was to stretch this polythene, which in those early days was a very new and rare material, over steel hoops. These were among some of the very first polytunnels.

LBS polythene grew over the years with all three children joining the company and branching out into different sides of the business which is now the LBS GROUP.

In 1990 LBS acquired Northern Polytunnels. This was a company which had developed multispan polytunnels for commercial use. This strengthened our position within the commercial horticulture market, making us one of the largest producers of polytunnels for the commercial market in the UK. We have been busy with our commercial range and the development of the garden centre market over recent years and when you visit a garden centre you stand a good chance of being one of our canopy framework.

The name Northern Polytunnel was eventually changed to NP Structures and we have developed a new range of home structures which bring together 40 years of design experience and parts from our tried and tested commercial ranges. So you can be sure when you order a NP Structures polytunnel that you are getting a high quality product.

Ian Wolfenden - Director

One of our first prototypes circa 1970

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