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Super Lux 50:50 Polythene

Super Lux 50:50 gives half the level of light diffusion as a fully diffused polythene film, making it an all-round polytunnel cover, especially for those who require a balance between light-diffusing and clear polythene. Considered by many as the ideal polytunnel cover for UK wide use.

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Contains an anti-condensation additive to control condensation on the underside of the film. This reduces dripping (therefore reducing the spread of fungal diseases) and prevents unnecessary loss of light caused by condensation. Comes with a 5-year guarantee, although a 10-12 year lifespan is not uncommon.

The benefits of diffused light vary from crop to crop, month to month and region to region. Across the UK, polytunnel cover sales are split fairly evenly between clear and diffusing polyethylene. Some growers have fully embraced diffused polyethylene whereas others argue that light-diffusing polythene is better suited for sunnier climates. The reality is that very highly diffusing films perform well under clear skies in the summer months but in cloudy conditions and during the ‘shoulders’ of the growing season sunlight is already diffused and this can lead to too much light being scattered out of the greenhouse. It’s for this reason we developed SuperLux 50:50 which has been designed and formulated to provide just the right level of light diffusion for the UK climate.

SuperLux 50:50 has built-in anti-drip (AD) properties which help reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as Downy mildew and Botrytis cinerea. Thanks to the films unique AD technologies condensation on the film surface is much reduced thereby minimising both the risk of water droplets falling on the crop below and light loss caused by those droplets. We very precisely combine our own blend of IR additives and EVA in such a way as to offer the most effective thermic properties available today. This offers unparalleled protection from frost and low temperatures and maximizes the opportunity for earlier harvesting.

SuperLux 50:50 has been designed for the UK market at the industry standard 150 microns thickness and by sourcing only the highest quality materials, coupled with industry leading quality control, we ensure this product has the highest possible mechanical strength and durability. It comes with a 5 year guarantee against premature UV degradation (incremental) but has a life expectancy of 7-8 years. Our huge buying power as the UK’s largest polytunnel manufacturer makes SuperLux 50:50 the most economical polytunnel film available in the UK.

Light transmission: Over 90%

Thickness: 600g (150 micron)

Thermic effect: Over 80%

Diffusion: Optimum for UK 

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