BPI Visqueen Lumisol Polythene

BPI Visqueen have recently made some changes to the horticultural polythene they produce. Working closely with The University of Lancaster and The University of Reading they have produced two new polythenes Lumisol Clear and lumisol Diffused.

High performance greenhouse films deliver excellent agronomic results proven by the experience of growers and also by the research and development programmes run in conjunction with leading plant scientists at both Lancaster University and The University of Reading. Unlike normal greenhouse films that prevent short wavelength UV light (UVB) from reaching plants,our UV transparent films allow UVB to enter the greenhouse thus enhancing the fragrance, taste and colour of the crops.

In addition, UV transparent films promote plant anti-oxidants, which are good for health, and encourage stronger plants. This greatly benefits plant raisers and young plant growers as stronger plants can be easier to plant out thus saving time and raising productivity.

BPI Visqueen Lumisol Clear

LUMISOL CLEAR provides excellent clarity and transmits 92% of the light crops use to grow and develop.  In the UK where light levels can be lower, LUMISOL CLEAR allows more light to enter which in turn can bring picking time forward.In addition to its temperature control properties Lumisol Clear manipulates the type and level of light entering the greenhouse to significantly improve crop hardiness, colour, taste and shelf-life.

Ideal for: Where less chemical usage is desired. Bedding plants, plants with a shortened growing period as well a nursery and salad crops.

BPI Visqueen Lumisol Diffused Polythene

LUMISOL DIFFUSED possesses high levels of light diffusion to scatter the light entering  the greenhouse more evenly.  Additionally, the day and night temperature management properties of LUMISOL DIFFUSED smooth out daily highs and lows of greenhouse temperature.The highly effective combination helps to reduce crop stress and to improve crop uniformity in order to deliver the highest yields possible.

Ideal for: Shown to increase crop yield and quality of ornamental plants, roses, salads, soft fruits and some vegetable crops.
They care about the environment too...British Polythene Industries (BPI) plc has once again received formal recognition of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies through its continued inclusion in the FTSE4Good Index. For the 12th consecutive year BPI, which ranks not only as Europe’s largest recycler of waste polythene but also as a global supplier of high performing agricultural films and a leading European supplier of protective packaging, has been awarded a Certificate of Inclusion for the prestigious FTSE4Good Index Series.


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