Here are 5 awesome blogs that we’ve enjoyed reading recently, including Honey and Eggs and Lovely Greens

There’s something wonderful about following other people’s gardening journeys online, especially when you can find inspiration in them, or even commiserate in awful shared experiences. Like that one time a cat clawed through your polytunnel cover. It’s horrifying at the time, but when you read a blogger’s humorous post about it happening to them, everything suddenly feels a little bit better.

That’s the precise reason we love gardening blogs – they somehow manage to identify all of the amazing, frustrating and down-right hilarious things that can happen to gardeners. On top of that, they’re also a great place to find ideas and inspiration for your garden or allotment. So here are 5 blogs that we’ve enjoyed reading recently, and we hope you will too. Let’s check them out: 

1) Nicky Kyle Gardening

If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that we’re a little bit obsessed with Nicky Kyle’s blog – and for good reason too. Her posts are packed full of advice on growing in polytunnels and greenhouses, in the fruit garden or orchard, and even in raised beds. For anyone looking for tips on organic gardening that helps to preserve biodiversity and attract wildlife to your garden, we’d say that Nicky's blog is definitely worth a read. 

The Polytunnel and Greenhouse in June - 2018

June contents: June is busting out all over - summer has finally arrived!..... What do Scientists really Know about Life, the Universe and Everything?.....Hurrah - t he Maskotka are ripe! Now we have 'Tomato Heaven' f or the rest of the summer! ... Dealing with aphids in polytunnels.... Heat Damage on Tomatoes....

2) Lovely Greens

On her Lovely Greens blog, American-born gardener Tanya shares tips and advice on how to grow organic vegetables, herbs and flowers, and then use them to make wholesome meals and hand-made beauty products. From effective ways to keep birds out of your garden to instructions on how to make natural lavender body balm, Lovely Greens is the perfect place to start for anyone wanting to grow, and make, their own. 

12 Effective ways to keep birds out of the garden

Natural ways to keep birds out of the garden without hurting them. Includes various netting, decoys, and scarers, and tips on keeping them effective No matter where you garden, there's a local bird eyeing up your homegrown vegetables. For many of us it's pigeons, who are infamous for stripping cabbages down to the bare stem.

3) Honey and Eggs

Run by Maria, a self-confessed ‘Geordie living in Scotland with a desire to lead the good life’, Honey and Eggs is perhaps one of the most visually stunning blogs we’ve ever seen. Recent posts of her include an awesome guide to how she renovated an old garden shed (spoiler alert: it ended up looking beautiful) and a preview of the flowers she’s planning to grow for her upcoming wedding. We can’t wait to see how she gets on. 

Growing flowers for my wedding

I have news. Two bits of news actually, but you'll have to wait for one of them. Here's the first: we are no longer getting married in the garden. (You may, keen reader, remember that one of my gardening New Year's resolutions was to design

4) Jack Wallington

The winner of last year’s Garden Media Guild’s Blog of the Year award, Jack Wallington’s blog is a fantastic resource for any gardener. It features entertaining and informative articles such as tips on how to make Aeonium arboretum branches and reviews of popular gardening products. More recently, Jack has turned his attention to the Chelsea Flower Show, sharing the trends and inspirational ideas he witnessed there. 

11 Chelsea plant combinations you can try at home

Like my 15 Sensational Plantings to Recreate from Chelsea article last year I'm hoping to breakdown the myth that you can't recreate the Chelsea look. Of course you can! Right plant, right place and they look after themselves.

5) Two Cats and a Pennine Garden

Although not as popular as some of the other blogs we’ve included, Two Cats and a Pennine Garden – run by ex-geography teacher Phil – certainly deserves a place on our list. Whilst the blog doesn’t feature much in the way of advice, Phil’s musings on what he’s getting up to in the garden are an absolute joy to read. Rather unsurprisingly given the blog’s name, Phil also often shares adorable photos and stories about his two cats, Hecate and Mili. 

Monochrome Design

The sun terrace with its black and white planting scheme looks particularly well at this time of year. This is primarily because of the tulips which are perhaps the easiest way to get the monochrome look. The trellis, furniture and planters do of course help the effect.

These are just a few of the gardening blogs that have made us laugh, taught us something new or inspired us to try out new ideas in our gardens at home. Do you have any others to add? Let us know via our social media profiles and don’t forget to check out our own blog.