garden gateIn Northdown Park in Margate a small community garden project is starting to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. The Garden Gate Project allows people from all walks of life to get involved with the public gardens, whilst helping to improve their physical and mental health through social interaction in a supportive environment.

Northern Polytunnels supplied the project with the structure which has allowed the project to expand and offer new opportunities to all involved. Whilst the project is working on a garden, the plants are secondary to the help and support that they are offering to the local people volunteering with them as well as bringing community-based activities and services to the area.

Studies have shown that there are several health benefits to spending time gardening, so it’s little wonder why this project has seen such success:

Firstly, gardening is a form of exercise which is good for your heart which will also help you sleep easier; and if you’re having fun while you exercise then that’s a win-win situation. Gardening is also known to reduce stress levels due to healthy bacteria that lives in soil called M. vaccae. When this bacteria is inhaled naturally whilst gardening it increases your serotonin levels and reduces anxiety. No wonder so many people are praising the Garden Gate project!

For more information about the project and to learn how you can get involved, be sure to visit their website at