Red Strawberry

Strawberries have long been synonymous with British summer, whether as a layer of a fancy victoria sponge cake, as jam in a scone, or simply with cream on a lawn watching Wimbledon. While these ruby gems carry the weight of an icon, they can also be tricky to grow. Many novice gardeners become disenfranchised with the strawberry after they lose a crop to aphids, birds or poor weather conditions. 

Growing your strawberries in a polytunnel will help avoid some of these woes, you can often sow them sooner and harvest them earlier. You get a bigger crop and you can manage the climate better inside your tunnel. Hopefully, the most difficult part is choosing which varieties to grow, and we are here to help!

The Sweetest


This delicious Scottish variety is an enduring winner for flavour. The deep and rich taste offers an aromatic flavour profile that is not to be sniffed at and truly encapsulates a British strawberry. Added to this it is frost resistant and the flowers set well in all weathers. It is a late-season variety and the texture can be a touch firm, however, it offers elongated fruits surrounded by pale, crinkly leaves. A taste sensation and the variety that many gardeners swear by.

Note that while strawberries can cope with a bit of shade, the fruit will be sweeter if it ripens in full sun!


The Greatest Yield


This variety produces fruit that is very uniform in shape and colour, which is a plus for some. The real appeal for this berry is the overwhelming yield of fruit, there is a large and heavy crop. The downside of this is the strawberries don’t have a long shelf life so you need to have an enormous strawberry appetite, friends to help you eat them or a reliable jam recipe on hand. They are mid-season croppers and a family favourite. 


The Biggest Fruit


The name doesn’t quite match how enormous the fruit of this variety actually is, if you are looking for a showstopper, you have found it. The fruit can be up to 30% larger than the supermarket standard! It is a fairly tolerant and mildew resistant variety, making it easier for the less experienced gardener. It crops mid-season and is a renowned crowd pleaser. 


The Best Early


This variety is the leader of the earlies. Honeoye retains a full flavour profile and also offers a healthy weight of cropping while maintaining an earlier harvest time. It is resistant to botrytis and tolerant to powdery mildew, combined with its upright habit and consistent performance makes it a clear contender for top early cropping variety.