Single-use plastics are undoubtedly one of the greatest threats to nature and as we become more and more aware of the issues we face; we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Although it may not seem it, a polytunnel can actually do more good to the environment than harm:

Horticultural polythene, that is used to cover polytunnels, can handle far more wear and tear than your average everyday plastic. The polythene used on a Northern Polytunnels structure has a guaranteed life-span of ten years and can usually last longer than that. Even after the polythene comes to the end of its life it can be used to cover particular areas of crops that need more protection than others. If the structure is a commercial grade polytunnel then the polythene can be sent back to the manufacturer, so it can be either reused or disposed of correctly.

Using a polytunnel to grow your fruit and veg not only gives you wider variety but also allows for crops all year round! The only vegetables that can be grown year-round without any form of cover are potatoes and carrots…which you could get bored of pretty quickly. Using a polytunnel to aid your crops could extend the growing season for a variety of fruit, vegetables and salad products, reducing food air miles and broadening your selection of foods that can be grown from home.

There’s also the added bonus that polytunnels are controlled environments and can be adjusted dependent on what you intend to grow and due to the added protection, they often do not need any pesticides to keep the crops safe. This means that not only are your fruit and veg completely organic, they’re usually a lot healthier than what you can buy from the supermarkets…as well as a complete lack of packaging!

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