strawberriesStrawberries have been a staple in our diets for as long as we can remember. Whether they make the jam in our scones or they’re laced with cream whilst watching the tennis, they’re never hard to find in the UK. Today is National Strawberry day so what better day to treat yourself?

Did you know that over two thirds of strawberries in the UK are now grown here rather than overseas, and approximately 90% of those strawberries are grown in polytunnels. Northern Polytunnels supplies the UK’s top strawberry growers:

Abbey Fruit farm is a large commercial fruit grower based near Arbroath in Scotland. Among their many customers, they are also the supplier for M&S’ ‘Top Tier’ range of strawberries…all grown in our commercial polytunnels!

Polytunnels are used for growing fruit, including strawberries, because they have the ability of creating their own climate that is beneficial to the fruit. The polythene allows in the natural light and heat of the sun whilst providing enough shade that the fruit is not over-exposed. They’re also more cost effective and require less maintenance than your standard greenhouse. Add in an irrigation system and growing your own fruit and veg has never been easier.

Peter Stirling, the Managing Director of the fruit farm said: “All these factors combine to produce fruit of the highest quality which M&S consider to be ‘perfect’ and are about to be branded accordingly as “Perfect Pick” – an accolade which is unique and we are obviously extremely proud of.”

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