While you’re pretty much locked away for winter, with few gardening jobs to be done, you should begin your polytunnel plan for the following year.

When planning your planting, one thing to consider is companion planting. Companion plants are plants that grow well together and work harmoniously together. Some plants naturally repel insects / pests. Here are just a few ideas:

Chives: Great for enhancing the flavours of tomatoes and carrots. Repel aphids, carrot fly and Japanese beetles. Don't plant near beans and peas.   

Dill: Attracts wasps that will eat caterpillars while repelling aphids and spider mites. Avoid planting near carrots and tomatoes. Improves the health of brassicas and is a great companion for sweetcorn, onions, lettuce and cucumbers.  

Garlic: Repels aphids, whiteflies, root maggots and carrot fly. Avoid planting near your beans and peas.

Kohlrabi Should not be planted near your peppers strawberries or tomatoes but is a great comanion to Beetroot, cucumbers brassicas and onions. 

Leeks: Avoid planting leeks near beans and peas but they will repel carrot fly. Great companion to beetroot.  

Marigolds: Kill nematodes and repel whitefly. Avoid planting near beans. A great companion of squashes.  

Nasturtiums: Trap aphids, deter whitefly and cucumber beetles and attract predatory insects.Gives flavour to your tomatoes.

Nettles: Attract caterpillars and aphids away from your more precious plants.

Oregano: Repels cabbage moth so plant some near by.

Peppers should not be planted near your beans or any brassicas.

Potatoes: Keep away from pumpkins, squashes and tomatoes. Plant near carrots and celery.

Spinach: Never plant near potatoes but will be a good friend to your brassicas, leeks, peas and strawberries.

Sage: Repels cabbage moth and carrot fly. Avoid planting near cucumber.

Sweetcorn: Avoid planting near cabbage, tomatoes or celery but will love beans, peas and cucumber.


There are many, many more friends and foes in the vegetable garden and you would be wise to plan carefully. You will be suprised how your vegetables flourish near their friends and wilt near their enemies.

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