Contini Polytunnel

At Northern Polytunnels we are seeing a growing trend (excuse the pun),  restaurants who want to grow their own ingredients. 

Victor and Carina Contini have two award-winning restaurants located in the heart of Edinburgh and a cafe in The Scottish National Gallery. Their ethos is to provide simple, seasonal, healthy, ‘happy’ food to their customers.

Victor and Carina's dream was to grow their own produce to serve their customers and family seasonal, plot to plate freshness.

In 2012 the offer to restore and abandoned Victorian kitchen garden gave them the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. Together with Contini head gardener Erica Randall, they worked tirelessly to create the garden they had often dreamt of.

A key feature in the garden is the large 18ft wide x 40ft long polytunnel, which not only enables them to garden regardless of the weather, it also provides optimum conditions to for crops that are difficult to grow outdoors and extend the growing season.

In addition to the herbs, salads, tomatoes, peas and more, there are hens laying eggs and Victor has over 50,000 bees producing honey.

In the past 12 months the polytunnel and garden has flourished and now provides year round seasonal ingredients for the restaurants, The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant, Contini Ristorante and the Contini Cannonball.

The garden gives the chefs an opportunity to learn and appreciate the ingredients they are given to work with. They produce menus based on what the garden provides and are challenged to use every bit of what they grow and recycle what they don’t into the compost!

If you are reading this and dreaming of a self-sufficient life, why not give us a call and let us help you make it a reality.

But if you’re not ready for that yet, why not book a table at one of the many Contini establishments and taste how fresh homegrown food really is…