Best Early Carrot Varieties

Early Carrot

Early Carrots can be ready for harvest as soon as mid-April - depending on variety and the conditions. Sowing in containers in a polytunnel can be the perfect start to kickstart the year’s crop, as it allows flexibility of conditions (moving containers outside when the world warms up) and warmer soil to start with. 

So if you are looking around your empty polytunnel with nothing in it but visions of spring, consider an early carrot to kick start the season. 


Adelaide AGM 

One of the earliest maturing varieties, this carrot often offers one of the first crops of the season and is sometimes overlooked for the bigger and showier varieties that follow on after. This Quick growing and coreless variety offer a sweet and delicious flavour that has become the hallmark of an early carrot variety. 



This variety is a tried and tested stalwart of the early carrots. It offers unparalleled crunch and texture, and its short and healthy foliage not only makes it attractive while growing but also ideal for bunching once harvested. The roots can reach up to 18 cm and the variety is known for its high yield. 


Nantes 2

The rich orange colour of this variety is everything you could hope for in a carrot. The blunt-tipped and medium length roots seem to fit every cartoon carrot’s dream. That said, Nantes 2 has some substance to back up its style, it has a sweet crunchy taste and is known for its ease of growing. 


Nandor F1 Hybrid

These stout little carrots are some of the best baby carrots on the market in terms of flavour. Selected by The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, these little finger carrots are perfect for successive sowings. The flavour of these little beauties can cope with the lightest touch, eaten raw or lightly steamed. 



If you are looking for a little variety, then look no further. The Caracas carrot has short conical roots that are bred to cope with heavier soils without compromising on flavour. The flavour is outstanding fresh but also holds up after being stored for later in the year.