Photo of a multi-bay commercial polytunnel in the sun

Largely used by commercial growers and other businesses within the agriculture and horticulture industries, commercial polytunnels are a cost-effective solution to growing crops and housing livestock.

Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, all our commercial polytunnels are built using the finest commercial grade materials to help your business flourish. So if you’re looking to invest in a polytunnel then here are five things to consider when buying a commercial polytunnel… 

1. Use

It may seem obvious but knowing what you intend on using a Sheep Housing Polytunnel for will stand you in good stead when it comes to deciding which polytunnel would best suit your requirements. For example, if you require a commercial polytunnel to house livestock then you’ll need a sheep housing polytunnel, with different features than one designed for commercial growing. 

2. Size and accessibility

Similarly, it’s important you consider size. Investing lots of money in a polytunnel that is too small for your growing requirements will cause serious problems for your business. Therefore it’s important to take time accurately measuring your specified area and complete the same process with the polytunnel itself.

It’s also important to consider accessibility. How many people will be in the polytunnel at any given time? How much floor space will you have to work with? Will you be using polytunnel controls to aid your commercial growing capabilities? Do you have access to a constant water supply to irrigate the tunnel? All these questions need to be considered before buying a commercial polytunnel.   

3. Type Of Polytunnel Cover

Multi-Span Commercial PolytunnelAs a leading manufacturer of commercial polytunnels we offer a number of commercial grade polytunnel covers that have been specifically designed to suit various growing needs. Enhancing thermal retention in colder months and blocking out ultra-violet rays we stock polythene, PVC and netting polytunnel covers to suit all your growing requirements. Therefore it’s important you select a cover that is best suited to your growing requirements.

4. Your Plot Of Land

Selecting a plot of land to erect your polytunnel on is an important factor to consider before buying your commercial polytunnel. It’s vital the area you select is level, although a slight slope along the length is not usually an issue.

It’s also important to ensure any trees or vegetation in close proximity to where your polytunnel is going to be located are free of overhang. Fallen branches can cause serious damage to the structure of your commercial polytunnel, which is something we all want to avoid.

5. SitingMulti-Span Commercial Polytunnel With Louvres

For commercial growers the siting of a polytunnel is vital in achieving the highest possible yields and keeping your commercial polytunnel in tip-top condition.

To help create the ultimate growing conditions it’s important you account for various weather factors such as sunlight and the wind. Providing the main source of heat, sunlight is instrumental to the success of most commercial growers, which is why we recommend you position your commercial polytunnel east to west. By doing this you’ll expose your polytunnel to large spells of sunlight throughout the day, even on overcast days.

Extreme winds can cause serious damage to commercial polytunnels, therefore it’s important you site your structure in an area that is protected from strong winds, ideally in a valley or alongside a fenced area.

If you’re struggling to select a commercial polytunnel to meet your demands or require more information on our extensive range of commercial polytunnels here at Northern Polytunnels then feel free to contact us. Give us a call on 01282 873120 to discuss your requirements with one of our polytunnel experts.