Hobby Polytunnel


The commercial world has long been aware of the many benefits of cultivating crops under polytunnels, and now hobby gardeners are catching on in their droves!

When producing fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale, it’s imperative to create production conditions that maximise yield and extend growing seasons in a cost-effective manner.

These aspects are also important to the hobby gardener. Arguably, a polytunnel is the best piece of equipment that a hobby vegetable gardener can have. Not only does it create optimum growing conditions, but also the best gardening ones; you can carry on tending crops (such as spinach and chard) in comfort throughout the winter, and sow your onions before growing early crops of lettuces, carrots and herbs during the spring. The summer is perfect for half-hardy crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, with the polytunnel gardener harvesting salads well into autumn. Whilst impressive yields and these extended growing seasons are the hallmarks of polytunnel cultivation, in terms of square footage, polytunnels can be more cost effective than greenhouses.

Once you have decided to opt for the increased horticultural success that a polytunnel brings, some consideration has to be given to its location. Ideally, a sunny spot that isn’t too exposed to wind is best. Here at Northern Polytunnels we’ve used our 40+ years of expertise to assess the best wind and snow loading capacities for our polytunnels, ensuring all our customers go away with a product that is of the highest quality and fit for purpose.

Bespoke Polytunnels

8ft Polytunnel DimensionsAs mentioned, every garden (and gardener) is different. Therefore, being able to customise a polytunnel in terms of width and length is crucial so that you have one that fits your garden, and also suits your plants. How much working height do you need? At Northern Polytunnels, hoop spacing is available in 5ft and 6ft options, giving plenty of opportunity to maximise the space along the tunnel sides.

How long do you want your polytunnel to be? Do you want a timber or aluminium door at each end (recommended for ventilation)? Irrigation systems are available too for efficient watering, as well as side vents for effective air circulation. This flexibility in terms of size and features means that you can buy the perfect polytunnel.

Another aspect of a successful polytunnel is strength, achieved through the quality of the parts used to construct it. The structural steel tubing we use is 32mm in diameter, the foundation tubes are heavy gauge, which leads to additional sturdiness and a longer life. In short, our hobby tunnels boast the same materials, attention to detail and ease of construction as the commercial range. So go on, get your fingers green in 2015!

If you have a polytunnel related question then feel free to get in touch. Call our experts on 01282 873120 for professional advice and guidance on all things polytunnel related.