For more than 40 years, Northern Polytunnels has been supplying their customers with high-quality polytunnels, greenhouses and other commercial structures. Our reputation has not only been built upon providing expert services throughout the design and construction process - it has also been enhanced by the levels of after-sales support that we offer. One way that we have achieved this is to offer insights about maintaining optimal conditions within our structures, and our new Dehumidification Unit allows growers to get the maximum value from their investment.

Why the Eco Climate Converter?

In colder climates, residual levels of moisture in the air can rapidly accelerate the growth of mould and fungus within a greenhouse or polytunnel - conditions that are obviously harmful to the contents inside. There are a number of potential solutions on the market, but many of them are simply not up to the job - regular dehumidifier machines may only be suitable for certain environments or sizes of building. The Eco Climate Converter has been tested vigorously, and we believe that it is an excellent piece of equipment for fighting this problem in a wide variety of environments.

How Does it Work?

The Eco Climate Converter itself is a sophisticated combination of functions that are designed to remove moisture particles from the greenhouse environment. Humid air is sucked into the machine, and the heat that is also taken in is then pumped out as dry air. While this air is passing through the unit, it is also cleaned and filtered, which in turn improves the overall air quality inside the building. During a recent period of testing, users found that the machine was capable of maintaining a constant air temperature of 4°C, and at the same time it was possible to keep the humidity level below 80% - leaving optimal conditions for many different types of plant and crop growth.

Reduce Costs Associated with Spoiled Crops

When discussing the usage of the Eco Climate Converter in a commercial environment, the most important considerations will always be related to reducing costs. Pesticides can be a significant expense for farmers and horticulturalists, and their use can be significantly reduced by removing the humidity inside a greenhouse. Mould and fungus are far less prevalent in dry conditions, and this makes the unit an ideal investment for producers of organic goods that simply cannot resort to the use of chemical assistance. Another major cost saving relates to energy consumption, as the machine outputs dry, warm air to its surroundings. If heating bills are a cause for concern within an area of plant growth, an installed Eco Climate Converter will provide ample levels of heat just as efficiently as a dedicated heating system.

If you're looking for a dehumidifier solution that can both remove moisture and provide heat to an internal area, the Eco Climate Converter is a great choice.

To find out more information about how the product can improve growing conditions in any polytunnel or enclosed space, get in touch with the team at Northern Polytunnels today on 01282 873120.