Our GROWCELL project in conjunction with Lancaster University.

The aim of this project is to develop a controlled environment growing chamber with LED Lighting, Which would produce crops with lower energy consumptions and less water in any external environment.

This project has the potential to change the way that we produce our food crops, reducing the carbon footprint and natural resources used. When compared to conventional greenhouses, the energy requirements, water consumption and carbon emissions are lowered in an optimally designed closed system.

Our demonstration facility closed-environment GROWCELL has now gone through the initial testing stages at our site where we tested the unit with a crop of watercress, we hope in the future that this technology will be capable of producing on demand sustainable food crops in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

It is anticipated that our GROWCELL concept will be able to grow crops no matter what the outside ambient conditions are, with up to 95% less water and 50% less energy, on one 20th of the land used in conventional growing methods.
2015 will see the GROWCELL move from our site to various test sites around the UK growing different crops at each site.