An increasingly relevant structure type in commercial growing, horticultural polytunnels are unmatched in their ability to providesecure and cost effective covering for vast areas of land being used for cultivation.

Whether intended for use within a hydroponic growing environment or in industries such as soft fruit growing or fish farming, horticultural polytunnels are fast becoming the favoured choice of many.

Create a highly controllable growing environmentProviding a highly controllable environment in which to yield a vast array of crops in accordance with any particular specification, horticultural polytunnels are being used by an increasing number of growers and farmers of both private and commercial status all over the world.

A Wealth of Experience

Here at Northern Polytunnels we have some 40 years-worth of experience in this area, and as a result are now far out ahead of the game when it comes to providing the best assistance and line of products available to each and every one of our clients. Devoting the entirety of these four decades to the constant honing and improvement of our designs, we can now very confidently offer an entire line of horticultural polytunnel related products that are easily the best available in all of the world’s commercial growing marketplaces.

Constructed with only the most durable and high spec commercial grade materials, our tunnels are built to stand up to even the most harsh of climatic conditions, making them an outstanding and financially secure investment for thousands of clients scattered all over the world.

Our New Brochure

Recently, we undertook the necessary measures to provide our customers, not to mention their potential customers, with a full scale comparison brochure which acts to detail each of the fundamental differences between the products toted by many of our competitors and those produced exclusively by us.

Offering many different options when it comes selecting a suitable horticultural polytunnel, with a wide array of specs and spans being developed and constantly improved by our team of highly skilled in-house engineers, it is unlikely many of the competitors outlined within the aforementioned comparison brochure can stand up to the our capabilities and value for money.

Given that most polytunnel structures are not subject to building regulations of any kind and can be constructed outside of the standards set by both the UK and European regulatory bodies, the only way for organisations specialising in the production of horticultural polytunnels to prove the worth of themselves and their products is through client praise - of which we have plenty.

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