winter polytunnel

When talking about growing seasons, no-one would expect you to be planting crops in the midst of winter. This is where polytunnels come in handy as there are so many things you can be doing now to help towards a flourishing garden throughout the year.

Firstly, why not start by getting your polytunnel ready for your growing year. A savvy investment (especially with the weather in the UK) is a rainfall collection tank. These can be setup outdoors and are especially useful for areas that may not have access to a hose system or plumbing. This way, particularly through the winter months, rainwater can be collected and used throughout the year on crops in your polytunnel. These can also be linked up to your irrigation systems in your polytunnel and used throughout the year, saving on water costs.              

It might also be worth doing a pre-spring clean of your polytunnel. Remove any over-grown weeds, give the polythene a clean with Polytex Cleaning Solutions and make sure the new crops will not be crowded whilst starting to grow. Doing these preparations before planting anything new will give your crops the best chance at growing well.

When you’re ready to start growing your new crops, get the plants with the longer growing seasons on their way. A lot of the seasonal winter vegetables are much sturdier than crops more closely associated with summer.  Plants like leeks, celeriac and onions will grow just as well, if not better, when started earlier than other plants. Heaters or propagators may be needed to get them started, but once the seeds start sprouting, they will thrive in a covered polytunnel.

So it just goes to show that you don’t need to wait for the summer months to be self-sufficient. If you’d like to know more about our polytunnels and what your options are, why not speak to a member of our sales team by calling on 01282 873120 or by emailing them at