Photo of a small garden polytunnel overlooking fields

June in your Polytunnel

Crops are growing, seeds are still being sown, the temperature is rising and you are busy, busy, busy.

June will see the last of your asparagus and the first of your beetroot, runner beans, strawberries and courgettes. You and your family will soon have a daily supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. But you will have to work hard at it.


Over the next few months, you will notice the temperature rising and the need to water become almost a daily task. An irrigation kit can become a lifesaver over the next few weeks and months. A watering system can make the task easier, more efficient and less time-consuming. But which irrigation system will work best? 

The Micro Drip Irrigation Kit is ideal for container growing either in plant pots or grow bags which are watered individually.

The Drip System Kit waters the plants at ground level. This system is ideal for beds where the crop is watered from a low level to avoid splashing or rotting of the crops.

The Overhead Irrigation Kit will give you blanket coverage with overhead sprayers of the complete tunnel which is ideal for general vegetables and shrubs or any crop which will not be damaged with light rain on the foliage.

For those short of a decent water supply you may want to think about installing a water harvesting system, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take much time. Our polytunnel gutter kits are a cheap rainwater harvesting solution, for example, and simply stick on to your polythene cover.

Shade and Ventilation

When installing a door in your polytunnel, it is advisable to have half polythene and half net to ensure 24hour ventilation. We recommend when possible having a door at each end (one can be a dummy door) and whenever possible have both doors open to keep fresh air flowing through. Both you and the plants will be glad of it over the coming months.

As the light begins to increase you may find you need some areas shading. This can be achieved by either some careful planting outside of the polytunnel or for an artificial, temporary measure you can install shade netting.

Weeding and pests

Unfortunately, weeds love the summer heat as much as any plant, ensure you keep on top of them. Watch out for any pests lurking such as slugs and snails. The Allotment Garden team recommends spraying aphid susceptible plants with a garlic of seaweed spray every seven to ten days at this time of year.