So the polytunnel is up (hooray!) ground sheet is down, we have pots, compost, growbags, seedlings and a radio. All ready to go, right? Well, not quite.

"Are you coming in over the weekend?" Definitely NOT.

"Well then everything will be dead by Monday, who voted 2 days before she killed everything?" Charming.

Apparently what my experienced colleague meant to say was "temperatures in the tunnel at this time of year will mean watering is crucial, especially for younger plants. What you need is an irrigation system connected to a timer. Only then can we be sure that even you can grow something." Inspired by this confidence in my horticulture abilities, I set off to install the drip irrigation kit into my strawberry and tomato growbags.

The kit comes with almost everything you need to set up a reliable irrigation kit, multiple drippers, tap connector, hose, clips, stakes and instructions. I wanted the hose to run up the leg of my benching and under the bench top out of the way - for this you can buy various connectors which are inexpensive and help tidy things up a bit. This kit is designed to last so it's well worth investing some time to have it exactly as you want it, so that it's tidy and you can forget about it. The kit does not come with a timer, so if you do go on holiday, are forgetful or you are growing as part of a school / work initiative this is a must-have item. Interested in timers? Click here.

Drip line kits only water where necessary, saving water and reducing your water bills - not to mention keeping the rest of your polytunnel nice and dry.

So with that done, I think it's time for a brew.

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