Lambing Polytunnels

With winter just around the corner farmers up and down the country will soon begin their preparations for the busy lambing season ahead! Managing their animals’ welfare is vital throughout the year but more so during the up and coming months as temperatures plummet dramatically during the harshening British winter.

State of the art lambing polytunnels

It's no surprise that housed flocks and lambs have a higher survival rate than those who are left to endure the elements, which is why our in-house team of designers, engineers and architects have created state-of-the-art lambing polytunnels specifically designed for use on the modern day farm. We've taken great care in ensuring our lambing polytunnels effectively house flocks of all sizes, increasing their survival rates.

Constructed to the highest quality

SheepHaving worked alongside farmers in the agriculture industry for a number of years we understand their traditional ways, often regarding lambing polytunnels as a poor man’s barn lacking in quality, but this is not the case.

All our lambing polytunnels are fabricated using high quality, commercial grade materials and guarantee to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Also providing protection from potential predators our lambing polytunnels offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional barns and other housing buildings.

Lambing Polytunnels Built to Last

Built to last, lambing polytunnels are easy to construct and be erected in a location of your choice, unlike any other existing barns.

Extensive research has gone into the design and development of our lambing polytunnels therefore you can have peace of mind knowing your lambing polytunnel will stand the test of time.

Once installed, unlike an old rundown barn, the upkeep and maintenance costs of a lambing polytunnel are extremely cheap. The building frame is galvanised so won’t be suspect to rust or any other weather related problems. So not only will your flock benefit from greater protection but you’ll also save yourself bags of money, it's a win win situation.

Adapted to suit the demands of your farm

sheep 2Our basic lambing polytunnel structure can be adapted to suit the demands of your farm; Whether you require a thinner, cooler polythene or side vents to improve the living conditions for your sheep we have the ability to design and create lambing polytunnels to match your farming requirements, something you'd find difficult to do with an existing barn or housing building.

Even once the lambing season is over you can still make use of your lambing polytunnel. Providing a dry space for both storage and shearing a polytunnel is a year round investment.

So if you think your farm would be able to benefit from a lambing polytunnel then feel free to get in touch for more information. Give us a call today on 01282 873 120.