MARCH: Spring comes early when you have a Northern Polytunnel

For Polytunnel gardeners, March is the most anticipated month of the year. After having your face up-to the cold windows for the past few months itching to get outside you can finally begin work again. Spring is when the majority of our seeds are planted, the doors on our polytunnels are open again and the sun pops out to warm our backs (although you shouldn’t forget the nights are still cold).

March is still a trasition month from winter to spring and frost can still come in the night so keep those young and venerable plants covered with cloche, fleece or even an indoor raised bed and hoop kit for double the heat.

Towards the end of the month you will be bringing all those young plants into the polytunnel ready for the fun to begin, at this stage you should  consider companion planting to repel insects and pests and to help plants grow together in harmony.

Ensure you have everything you need for the busy period ahead, time to start visiting the garden centre again.

March is....

  • The perfect month to establish an asparagus bed.
  • The month to begin propagating tomatoes ASAP for a delicious summer crop.
  • Last chance for planting a bare root tree - Why not check out our Fruit Cage Kits


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