Be nice to nettles week

The Nettle (Urtica dioica) is not the first thing we all think of when we are planning our planting for the year. They sting our legs and leave us looking around for a dock leaf. So why would you want this weed the polytunnel?

·      Nettle soup-see recipe on the right

·      Nettles make lovely tea that will aid eczema and asthma.

·      Nettles attract caterpillars and aphids away from your more precious plants.

·      Plant Feed – mix with water for a nitrogen rich feed.

·      Ladybirds love nettles, ladybirds lay larvae and larvae destroy red  spider mites and whitefly. 

     Nettles create a safe haven for peacock, small tortoiseshell and red admiral butterflies to lay their eggs. The stinging hairs of the nettle developed as a defence against grazing animals.

     Nettles can speed up the decomposition process in your compost bin.

     Make a nettle fertiliser by steeping nettles in buckets of water. Leave them to stew for a few weeks then pour this on your plants...they will love it.

So plant a little patch and keep your garden balanced.

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