Growing is now part and parcel of the school curriculum, and the learning possibilities are endless. There is evidence that food growing in schools encourages and facilitates learning, particularly in science! Growing improves awareness and understanding of the natural environment and its importance to us. Most importantly it promotes health and well-being, particularly in relation to diet and nutrition.

Polytunnels are the solution to an ever-changing classroom, a base for children of all ages to learn about horticulture whilst invigorating the children’s imagination and teaching them about the values of healthy living and nutrition. Polytunnel growing is a year-long lesson, as polytunnels allow growing for different vegetables even during the colder months.

Join the campaign to get more children learning to grow in schools by investing in our school polytunnel kits.

Our School Polytunnel Kits come with:

Our best-selling Easy-Build polytunnel, complete with a lifetime guarantee 

Easy-to-install screw anchor system (so no need for digging!)

Aluminium base rails as standard, for extra longevity 

A single aluminium sliding door on one end, plus a PVC ventilation panel on the other

Our unique cover tensioning system, allowing you to recover and recover your polytunnel quickly and with ease

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