Planning Permission - What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to invest money in a high quality commercial polytunnel then it’s more than likely you’ll need to apply for planning permission.

Providing perfect growing conditions for commercial growers or protection from the harsh winter weather for those working outdoors polytunnels can be installed almost anywhere to help commercial businesses go about their every day work.

However, polytunnels designed solely for commercial use must be granted planning permission from the relevant powers above prior to being erected. 

Therefore if you want your business to benefit from a state of the art structure it is important you stick to the latest regulations and guidelines. Here are some things to consider in relation to planning permission and your commercial polytunnel

SizePolytunnel Size

If your polytunnel is taller than 3meters then you must apply for planning permission, irrespective of whether your polytunnel will be used for domestic or commercial use.

Commercial Use

All polytunnels designed for commercial use require planning permission, full stop.

Listed Buildings

If you’re looking to erect a commercial polytunnel in close proximity to a listed building, conservation area or national park then extra care must be taken. Speak to your local council to discuss all your intentions because there are further restrictions to planning in these cases.

FoundationsConcrete base

In most cases commercial polytunnels can be built without any foundations, however if you’re looking to create the strongest polytunnel possible you maybe tempted to create a concrete foundation prior to construction. If this is the case then you’ll need to mention this to your local planning office.

Multiple Structures

If you’re looking to erect multiple commercial polytunnels then you’ll almost certainly require planning permission.

It’s important to know that planning permission could alter your plans, therefore it’s important you don’t splash the cash until you get the green light from your local planning department.

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