Multi-Span Sheep House

Thinking about getting a polytunnel for lambing or housing calves? 

Farms are covered by the same planning regulations as other types of property. Some planning rules include special conditions for agricultural buildings and land.

You need planning permission if:

a) you want to change how you use your land or buildings from farming to something else
b) you want to build a house on the land

You will also usually need planning permission if you are applying for a grant to fund a project that needs a building or other development.

You don’t need planning permission:

a) for farming operations
b) to use buildings already on your land for farming purposes
c) to change the inside of a building, or make small alterations to the outside - eg installing an alarm box
d) if there are permitted development rights

Before starting work on the project, always check with your local planning authority.

Find our Livestock housing here.

Lambing Polytunnel


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