Cleaning your polytunnel cover

January is a great time for getting your polytunnel ready for spring. Start with the outside by removing any dead leaves from the polytunnel this can be done with a soft brush.

You can clean your polytunnel cover with a solution called Polytex pro. Polytex pro is a unique high energy cleaning fluid, which gently removes green slime, soot, traffic film, grease, pesticide and chemical residues from polytunnel covers.

Unlike acids Polytex does not etch or damage the plastic surface instead it effectively removes all forms of soiling quickly and effectively. It is an alternative to aggressive and corrosive chemicals, achieving maximum clarity & ensuring maximum light transmission, essential for healthy & efficient plant growth.

Cleaning all the GYO essentials

Clean all tools, pots and containers using a new concept in horticultural disinfection Hortisept pro. Hortisept is a specifically formulated synergistic blend that is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal but user and environmentally sensitive. Hortisept does not contain alcohol, acid, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols or halogens, making it a safer alternative to aggressive or corrosive chemicals. Hortisept disinfects continuously, preventatively and repeatedly.


Top tip for January… Cover your beds with some clear polythene to begin warming them ready for sowing, making the best of any winter sunshine coming through your polytunnel and ensuring the soil is nice and toasty ready for your seeds germinate. Oh and go shopping, get stocked up on all the essentials.