Keeping Your Polytunnel Ventilated


Leaf mold and other crop diseases thrive in wet, humid air. To combat this problem you will need to control the polytunnel environment. The best solution is fresh air flowing through your polytunnel. It is extremely important to preserve a constant climate that will give less opportunity for diseases to develop. There are various means of keeping your polytunnel ventilated below we look at some of the options…


Polytunnel DoorsDoors

Doors are not just great for getting in and out of your polytunnel, they can also provide you with the perfect ventilation solution. One at either end of your polytunnel will avoid any ‘stale spots’ and keep the airflow fresh. Keep them open as much as possible during the day but remember to close them at night. Doors with polythene at the bottom and netting at the top will ensure your polytunnel still has enough ventilation when your not there.


Side Ventilation

Side Ventilation

Doors at either end of your tunnel will give you a good amount of ventilation, however for polytunnels 30ft long and over - side vents are a must. The middle of your polytunnel can become a humid breeding ground for diseases to develop. For the colder months you can install a side vent curtain (a roll of polythene to cover your side vent) to keep the heat in.

Air Circulation

Once you have fresh air in the polytunnel it can quickly become stale. To keep the climate at a constant level you may want to install an air circulation fan, it will cool during the summer months and remove humidity, reducing condensation at the same time.


Polytunnel Roof VentPolytunnel Roof Vent

Fresh air can quickly become stale and humid which can result in common plant diseases. A polytunnel roof vent (lnstalled simply by cutting a 30cm hole in your polytunnel roof then pushing though the polythene) is ideal for removing excess heat without opening the doors. Manually operated by a simple pull-cord with a spring closing design to allow it to be closed tight when not in use.

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