propagationWith the temperatures dropping every day at this time of year, it is important to make sure that your plants are still getting the warmth they need to grow. Propagators and heaters for your polytunnels are excellent ways of helping your plants along at various stages of their lives.

Propagation kits are perfect for giving your seeds the strong start they need to grow, especially in colder weather. Our propagation stations come with a digital thermostat so that you can accurately control the temperatures for your plants.

It’s also known that the heat is most beneficial to plants if it is supplied from beneath so that it reaches the roots more directly. Propagators are fantastic for this as the heat is provided through heat mats on the base of the machine.

When using a propagator to start off your plants, please be sure to check that the overall temperature of your polytunnel is suitable to transfer the plants into. Sudden temperature changes can affect the plant growth or even kill them so in colder months it is important to make sure that your polytunnel is sufficiently heated for your plants to survive and grow.

When selecting a heater for your polytunnel, make sure you know the measurements of the polytunnel you wish to heat. Different heaters have different power levels so you need to be sure that the heater you choose will be able to heat as far as it needs to. If you own a larger polytunnel, you might want to look at pairing your heater with a circulation fan to help it circulate around the whole structure.

Northern Polytunnels offer two types of heaters to suit requirements and budgets. Electric heaters are our most popular heaters as they can be controlled with a thermostat and are simple to use. However, if you do not have access to electricity in your polytunnel, we also offer a propane gas heater which is just as effective, though cannot be controlled remotely unlike the electric heater.

For more information on which heating solution is right for you, please feel free to contact our sales team on 01282 873120 or send them an email at