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Horticulture As Part Of The Curriculum

From September 2014 Horticulture could be part of the national curriculum. Will you be ready? The National curriculum can be delivered in many ways through school gardening and there are many online resources are available.
At Northern Polytunnels we have, over the past few months developed our new school gardening kits. Our belief is that every school in the UK should have their own school garden.
To help acheive this we have added a fixed, permanent 15% discount on all our kits.



July is a great month to begin harvesting your fruit and vegetables.

Why have gardening as part of everyday learning?

Schoolgardening will help educate children on diet and nutrition. Giving them skills and knowledge they can take into adulthood.

Growing your own can give them an opportunity to learn business skills by selling their produce to parents or even local businesses. Or if you just have too much you can just give it away to families who may need it.

It's just good fun out in the fresh air away from a stuffy, summer classroom.

 Keep checking your plants to make sure no nasty pets are devouring your crops.



So what is a polytunnel?

A polytunnel is a cost effective and safer solution to a glass-house greenhouse. A polytunnel is a tunnel made of polythene using semi-circular steel hoops.

The polythene magnifies the suns rays creating a warm humid environment for your fruit and veggies to grow. The environment created not only gives you an extended growing season but a sheltered place for the children to learn. 


July is a great month to begin harvesting your fruit and vegetables.


Why should our school have one?

 There is a shocking high rate of obesity in children in the UK, the highest in Europe with 96% of children not eating the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg each day. One way to tackle obesity is to educate children from a young age where their food comes from. The produce grown can be cooked in the school kitchen, sold to local business or just given away to parents.

And growing is just good fun!

TIP: Why not do class quiz on where food comes from, you may be surprised at the answers.



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