Light and airy sheep housing soution

The notion that a polytunnel is a poor man’s livestock house is certainly no longer the case.  Advancements in structural design, developments in covering materials, and improved engineering techniques make them a truly credible, inexpensive alternative to traditional livestock buildings that are fast becoming a popular alternative.

The white cover diffused the light and allows it to reach all parts of the sheep house, which in-turn reduces energy requirements. Natural daylight creates warmer and drier housing conditions – reducing bedding costs, keeps potential bacteria, fungi, moulds and odours at minimum levels and provides natural vitamin enriching sunshine and warmth to stock.

One question we are often asked is “does it get hot inside the polytunnel?” – The white cover is a cool option (to our traditional horticultural polythene), the side of the polytunnel is clad with a high tensile windbreak netting (that is ideal for slowing down harsh winds - tensile strength of 30kN/m), combined with open ends the tunnel creates an ideal environment.

When deciding on the size of polytunnel you will need to house your flock you will need to consider a few things. As a rule of thumb it is recommended that each In-lamb ewe has a minimum of 0.9m2-1.4m2 of floor space, that there is a separate area for sick animals and that you have sufficient space for feeding and access.

So, from as little as £14.00 per m2 a sheep housing polytunnel could be the ideal solution for your flock. Want to find out more? Why not have a chat with one of our team 01282 873120