Super Lux Polytunnel Cover

Clear or diffused, clear or diffused…confused?

We have introduced a new polytunnel cover to our range of polythene - Super Lux 50:50. It has been developed specifically for the UK climate by world leading crop biologists from UK universities.

The benefits of diffused light can vary from crop to crop, month to month and region to region. Very highly diffusing polytunnel covers perform well under clear skies in the summer months but in cloudy conditions and during the ‘shoulders’ of the growing season when sunlight is already diffused can lead to too much light being scattered out of the greenhouse.

It’s for this reason we developed Super Lux 50:50 which has been designed and formulated to provide just the right level of light diffusion for the UK climate.

Anti-Drip Properties: Super Lux 50:50 features anti-drip properties. Condensation on the surface of your poythene will not only block out precious light, it will drip on the plants below often resulting in fungal plant diseases such as Downy mildew and Botrytis cinerara.

Thermic Effect: Super Lux 50:50 is enriched with UV inhibitor and EVA additives, this combination offers over 80% thermic properties. The thermic effect offers protection from frost, retains heat for longer and gives you an opportunity for earlier harvesting.

Thickness: Super Lux 50:50 has been designed for the UK market at the industry standard 150 microns thickness and by sourcing only the highest quality materials, coupled with industry leading quality control, we ensure this product has the highest possible mechanical strength and durability.

Diagram Of Polytunnel Light DiffusionLight Transmission and Diffusion

Direct sunlight can scorch and bleach plants so most plants prefer a softer, diffused light. However, imagine a diffused cover on a cloudy day…double diffusion! The Super Lux 50:50 cover has half the normal level of diffusion yet still allows 90% light transmission giving your crops the best of both worlds.

Life Expectancy: As standard with our other polythene covers, Super Lux 50:50 comes with a 5 year guarantee against premature UV degradation but the life expectancy can be 7-8 years or longer.

Eco Cost: The Super Lux cover is the most economical cover we stock.

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