Timber Raised Beds


Introducing raised beds to your vegetable or flower patch has many benefits...

Good Drainage

As the soil level is above the normal height of the garden any excess water will be drained, leaving perfect growing conditions for your crops.

Control The Conditions

As a raised bed contains fresh soil, you can control the conditions of your growing area. This allows you to monitor the pH level, nutrient levels and even help prevent weeds, slugs etc.


As the timber raised beds stand out from the normal growing areas the likelihood of damage to crops being caused by footprints, footballs, window cleaners will be dramatically reduced.

Long lasting

All our timber is sourced from sustainable sources and treated with Tanalith E’ which is a chrome and arsenic free preservative. Our unique raised bed fittings are zinc plated for extra durability.


Raised beds are a great way to bring the garden to you and avoid bending and stretching down to tend to your crops. Our unique stacking system means you can stack the beds as high as you require making them ideal for disabled access.

Extra Protection

By adding a hoop kit to your raised garden beds you can create a sheltered area that can protect for flowers and vegetables from raid and frost. Our hoop kits can be attached to any existing 4ft or 6ft timber raised beds.


If you require further information feel free to give us a call on 01282 873120.