National Tomato Week 19th – 25th May 2014

One of the most popular and easy to grow polytunnel crops is the tomato. The tomato will thrive in a polytunnel environment and provide you with a bumper crop all through the summer right up until October.

When choosing where to plant your tomatoes consider having chives and nasturtiums as neighbours, they will enhance the flavor of your fruit.

 There are two main types of tomatoes cordons and bush. Cordons will need some support as they grow. A string attached to your crop bars will do the trick or for those of you without crop bars a good sturdy garden cane.

Although easy to grow the tomato will take a lot of maintenance. During the summer months the tomato plant may want watering several times a day, which can be a huge task. A drip irrigation kit can help make life a little easier. Ensure you keep your polytunnel well ventilated by keeping the doors wide open. Keep on top of those weeds too, they love polytunnels as much as any plant.

Many of you will already have sowed your tomato seeds and nurtured the seedlings ready for the polytunnel but for those who haven’t, it’s not too late.

There are so many different varieties of tomato you will be spoilt for choice on what to grow. Last year saw the arrival of the TomTato tomatoes and potatoes in one plant. Seed company Thompson and Morgan spent over ten years developing the plant. The plant works because both crops are from the solanum genus.

 Once you begin to harvest your crop you may be left with quite a glut, time to get that chutney made!