roof fan

One of the most important factors to consider when growing produce in polytunnels is ventilation. Proper ventilation for your polytunnel is crucial to getting the most out of your crops. Ventilation is not only important for controlling the temperature levels, but also humidity that can result in mould, fungi and crop diseases. Whilst having the doorways open and closed at different points during the day works perfectly well for smaller polytunnels, it is not ideal for larger commercial structures or for filtering the air that comes into your tunnels.

Northern Polytunnels have taken it a step further offering a full range of ventilation options that can be used throughout your structure, regardless of size or shape.

Our air intake louvre allows fresh air into the polytunnel which can then be circulated throughout the structure with a circulation fan. This will keep the greenhouse’s climate regular. This is impossible to do simply using the doors to control the air flow, due to the irregularity of the weather.

Fresh air can turn stale and humid fairly quickly inside a polytunnel which can lead to plant diseases. When this happens ventilation fans and extraction fans are ideal for removing this air, especially in the larger structures. For added ease the extraction fan can be used with an automatic temperature switch and control panel.

In smaller structures, a polytunnel roof vent is ideal for removing excess heat without needing to open the doors.

For more information regarding ventilation systems to suit your structures, please feel free to contact our sales team on or give us a call on 01282 873120.