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Commercial Single Span Polytunnels

Our range of single span polytunnels are perfect for the commercial growing industry. Available in a variety of widths, our polytunnels can be equipped with the latest growing controls such as irrigation systems, LED lighting and heaters.

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Product Description

ArmourGuard: Available with all Commercial Polytunnels

With almost 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing single span polytunnels, we know what specifications are required to withstand the UK’s harshest weather conditions, and what is best suited to the needs of the commercial growers. We only use heavy duty commercial grade materials which is why we are the UK’s leading polytunnel manufacturer.

Please read our comparison brochure which highlights our strengths. We made the comparison because we think it is important to show you the differences between our polytunnels and those of some of our competitors. It’s all about being fit or purpose – all the parts and fittings we use are a heavy duty commercial grade to withstand heavy snow loads and high speeds. You’d never expect to find garden polytunnel fittings on a commercial polytunnel... we wouldn’t, would you?

Our commercial single span polytunnels are available in the following widths:

14ft (4.3 metres)

18ft (5.49 metres)

21ft (6.40 metres)

24ft (7.31 metres)

27ft (8.23 metres)

30ft (9.14 metres)

33ft (10.0 metres)

We offer the following specification on all of our Commercial Single Span Polytunnels as standard:

Steel: All steel tubes are galvanised both inside and outside for longer life (to Z35 standard with a 1.5mm wall thickness)

Hoops: Two-piece, 50mm steel hoops spaced at 8ft apart (closer spacings can be catered for). Our 1.17m (3’10”) straight sides allow a 1.83m (6ft) working height within 45cm (18”) of each side.

Ground Tubes: Thick walled (3.25mm), heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galvanised foundation tubes give longer life and provide a secure structure.

Cross Bracing Bars (Crop Bars): Optional 50mm tubular steel bracing bars (crop bars), supported from the ridge tube by two 32mm tubular steel hangers. Cross bracing bars, not only add strength to the structure but are also used for suspending irrigation spray lines, tying up crops such as tomatoes and vines, and for suspending hanging baskets.

Base Rails, Side Rails and End Frames: Tanalised 100mm x 50mm (4”x 2”) timber base and side rails. Tanalised 75mm x 75mm (3”x 3”) timber end frames. The timber we use has been Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable forest management. Aluminium options are also available. 

Polythene: Our standard cladding is 720g (180µm) ‘Visqueen’ anti-drip polythene, with either a clear or diffused option. We also offer a 600g (150µm) 50:50 option, which only has half the normal level of diffusion, making it 50% clear and 50% diffused.

Anti-Hotspot Tape: Padded foam tape which acts as insulation between the metal and the polythene, to prevent the build-up of heat in the steel frame being transferred to the polythene. Extends the life of the polythene sheet by at least one year.

Doors: Single or double sliding aluminium doors incorporating our Ali-trap polythene fixing system. One-piece, aluminium door track and pelmet (combined) for smooth, trouble-free operation.

Ventilation: Optional side netting with internal roll-down polythene screen. Also available: louvres, roof vents and automatic ventilation systems. 

18ft & 21ft Widths

Steel Diameter: 50.8 mm

Straight Sides: Our 1.17m (3’10”) straight sides allow a 1.83m (6ft) working height within 45cm (18”) of the inside edge.

Foundation tubes: Hot dipped galvanised to ensure corrosion resistance.  43mm diameter with a 3.25mm wall thickness (1¼" nominal bore).

24ft, 27ft, 30ft & 33ft Widths

Steel Diameter: 60.3 mm

Straight Sides: Approx. 1.22m (4ft) straight sides allow a 1.83m (6ft) working height within 45cm (18”) of the inside edge.

Foundation tubes: Hot dipped galvanised to ensure corrosion resistance.  49mm diameter with a 3.25mm wall thickness (1½" nominal bore).

Cover Options

Lumisol Clear: Due to its clarity, clear polythene allows around 2% more light to enter your polytunnel than a diffused polythene cover. This extra light brings extra heat which can be a benefit during the early and late months of the growing season. More popular in northern and western regions where lower light levels and cooler temperatures naturally occur.  Especially useful where an early start to the growing season is required, but where higher summer temperatures are not too detrimental.

Lumisol Diffuse: Light-diffusing polythene films scatter natural light as it passes through the polythene film. This enables the light to penetrate deeper into the plants' canopy, as it hits the plant from all angles not just from the direction of the sun. This reduces the upper foliage shading the lower parts of the plant. The cloudy appearance of this polythene reduces the amount of light (mostly infra-red light) reaching your crop by around 2%. This reduction in IR light creates a slightly cooler daytime environment, up to 4°C lower at midday in mid-summer, which can be a considerable benefit to many crops especially in the sunnier parts of the UK.

SuperLux 50:50: Gives half the level of light diffusion as a fully diffused polythene film, making it an all-round polytunnel cover, especially for those who require a balance between light-diffusing and clear polythene. Considered by many as the ideal polytunnel cover for UK wide use.

Opaque White:  Produces shade and reduces daytime temperatures by only allowing around 65-70% light transmission.  Ideal for crops that require shade and cooler temperatures such as nursery stock, ferns, and conifers.  Also suitable for the overwintering of hardy shrubs and for general hardening-off.  Widely used in agriculture to cover polytunnel livestock housing, and for general storage uses. 

Green/White (Blackout): A black-out polythene with 0% light transmission. Especially formulated to meet the needs of the mushroom grower.  Also used in conjunction with assimilated lighting to manipulate day length/duration. The green outer layer helps this cover blend in with the environment, whilst the white underside reflects artificial lighting to reduce light inputs.  A black core layer ensures complete opacity (black-out) and contributes to the durability of the film.

Shade Netting:  40% shade value (as standard).  Other shade values and net types can be catered for.  Dark green in colour.

PLEASE NOTE: Commercial Polytunnels may require planning permission, so it is always best to inquire at your local planning office before purchasing a commercial polytunnel. Our in-house team of structural design engineers can help with the planning application process by submitting planning application drawings for your site and include structure elevations. Prior to an order, this service will occur a charge which will be credited when an official order is received.

Our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests

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