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Indirect Fired Cabinet Heater

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Product Description

Designed and developed with outstanding, unique features.  The heavy-duty, IP rated air circulation fan is mounted on the under-side, taking in the coldest air whilst prevented the fan blades from collecting dust, as happens with side and top mounted fans.  Fan is selectable, allowing for either continuous operation or to run only when the heater is firing.  The main body of the heater is galvanised, for long life, and has removable covers allowing quick, easy maintenance and access to the combustion chamber to allow for periodically changing the stainless-steel sacrificial heat shield.  The flame is totally enclosed within the combustion chamber, with the all the bi-products of combustion (waste gases) being completely exhausted from the building via a flue.  The ensures the highest levels of air quality.  The air intake for the combustion process can be ducted from outside the building to ensure clean, efficient combustion, however this only applies in dusty situations such as commercial poultry houses.

The externally mounted burner can be supplied to burn either kerosene/paraffin or mains natural gas/propane (LPG), and are interchangeable allowing you to switch to the lowest cost fuel at the time (providing you have both burners).  The burner has a self-diagnostic control for ease of service/set-up, and the complete burner can be easily removed and sent away for servicing without the need for an engineer to visit your site.  This ‘quick-release’ feature means any new type of burner can be easily fitted at a later stage making this heater future proof.
The control panel is mounted in an IP65 rated enclosure, and comes with a digital temperature control with remote sensor.  Alternatively, control relays can be fitted for computer control.
For the natural gas models we specify ½” gas hose for the 75Kw and 100Kw heaters and ¾” for the 120Kw unit.  For propane (LPG) heaters we recommend using a 2 bar two bottle changeover valve with a 37mb pressure regulator fitted at the heater.  This will ensure the heater receives the fuel at precisely the correct pressure.  For oil-fired heaters we can supply oil storage tanks and all the required fittings.  Full nationwide installation service offered.
Requires single phase 230v AC power supply (3-phase can be supplied)
Available in three sizes – 75Kw, 100Kw or 120Kw
85-92% efficiency (depending upon fuel type)
Flue kit (varies for each heater)
Sling kit, for suspending the heater
Floor stand, on which to sit the heater
Valves, regulators, hose etc.

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