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Eco Climate Converter

The Eco Climate Converter (ECC) is a unique, fully-proven de-humidification system which uses a highly concentrated saline solution (lithium chloride) to remove excess humidity from your greenhouse atmosphere.

The ECC removes the need to vent excessive humidity, eliminating all energy and CO2 losses associated with venting. As the humidity is lowered, crop transpiration becomes stabilized, further reducing the need to actually lower the humidity, harmonising the environment and reducing plant stress.

Download this PDF diagram for more information on how the ECC works 

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Product Description

Recent installations in the UK are showing energy savings of 50-60% as verified by Farm Energy

Running Costs?

The primary energy input comes from your existing hot water heating system. A hot water supply between 65°C and 85°C is fed into the ECC. Once the heat from this water has been used to recharge the saline solution it is then returned to your heating system. The small amount of heat which is absorbed during this process is returned (in full) to the greenhouse environment as warmed air, making the energy cost ZERO.

The only additional energy requirement is a small amount of electricity (approx. 2.5kWh) to run the two small water pumps and the fans. Bearing in mind you would need to run additional air circulation fans in the absence of the ECC anyway.

Free Heat On top of the massive energy savings already mentioned, the ECC actually takes the latent heat from the water vapour (which would normally be vented) and uses it to further warm the air inside the greenhouse.

Further Savings This process of recirculating the air through the saline solution has a devastating effect on fungal spore populations thus reducing the requirement for expensive fungicide applications.

Coverage One unit will cover 1,000-2,000m² depending on the crop. Typically, a crop of mature tomatoes, peppers etc. could need one unit per 1,000m², whereas herbs, bedding, young plants etc. may only require one unit for 2,000m².

How does it work?

The ECC draws in humid air from within the glasshouse. The water vapour is then removed by passing the air through a matrix of desiccant filled elements inside a compact (cooling-type) tower. 

The desiccant (an extremely concentrated saline solution) absorbs water vapour from the air and then passes through a heater which is heated from your existing hot water system.  

This process releases (evaporates) the captured water from the desiccant and later condenses it back into its liquid state to then be expelled from the unit. 

The hot-water energy input (used to heat the saline solution) is not lost or ‘used-up’, most of it is returned to the glasshouse heating system. The small amount of heat which is absorbed by the saline solution is later released back into the greenhouse atmosphere via the radiator as warm, dry, spore-free air, just as originally intended, meaning this process has NO energy costs.

During this process, the latent heat which is held within the water vapour naturally warms up the desiccant. This heat is also released by the unit, back into the greenhouse atmosphere.

The desiccant also has a disinfecting effect on the air being returned to the glasshouse, further reducing disease-carrying spores such as Botrytis and powdery mildew, along with various bacteria and viruses.

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