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Leading the way in the design and development of bespoke polytunnels we stock a wide range of polytunnel parts that are of the highest quality.

Created using the finest commercial grade materials all our polytunnel parts are suitable for the commercial sector and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of all industries. Backed up by our extensive range of polytunnel parts we are a one-stop-shop for all your commercial polytunnel requirements!


Made from the finest commercial grade materials our range of polytunnel fittings are intended for use in commercial polytunnels across all industries. From B Fitting Strut Brackets to D Fittings Lintel Hoop Brackets and Long Plates to Commercial Tensioning Brackets all our polytunnel fittings will ensure your commercial polytunnel is of the highest quality and will remain in peak condition for years to come.


Sourced from sustainable sources our range of polytunnel timber is specifically designed for use in commercial polytunnels. Available in a variety of sizes tanalised timber can be used for a number of purposes including wooden doors, side rails, base rails, upright posts and door casings. Treated with ‘Tanalith® E' our timber is perfect for use in polytunnels used in the commercial sector. 


As a leading supplier of polytunnel parts we supply single span and multi span hoops specifically designed for use in the commercial sector. Available in a variety of sizes all our hoops are made in two halves making them extremely strong and durable, which is vital for coping with the wear and tear of the commercial sector.  And unlike many other hoops on the market our hoops do not require extra bracing!

Ground Tubes

Depending on your commercial polytunnel requirements we stock three different ground tubes: single, double and triple which are all available in a variety of sizes. Made from heavy duty materials, our range of ground tubes are extremely durable and reliable.


Designed to make accessing your polytunnel easier we supply commercial aluminium door kits, which can be fitted as a single door or double door. Made from heavy-duty aluminum all our doors are designed to withstand the elements whilst providing sufficient protection from possible thieves. Whether you work in the agriculture or horticulture industry our polytunnel doors can be equipped to structures of all shapes and sizes.

Nails and Bolts

As a leading polytunnel parts supplier we stock an extensive range of nails and bolts. Made from the finest commercial grade materials all our nails and bolts are available at competitive prices.  From self drill screws to sleeve anchors and galvanised staples to wing nuts we stock polytunnel parts suitable for a variety of uses.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or require more information on all our commercial polytunnel parts then feel free to give us a call on 01282 873120 and discuss your requirements with us further!

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