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Water Collection & Storage

Rainwater Collection and Storage

The natural process of water evaporation and the subsequent precipitation makes rainwater the nearest thing to pure water.  Rainwater has a neutral pH, and contains very little or no mineral/chemical residues.  Therefore rainwater harvesting has many benefits from a plant welfare point of view alone. The payback period depends on the price you pay for water and the volume of useable water you can collect. 

The cost to store your collected rainwater depends greatly on the type of water storage system you choose, the volume of rainwater you can store, and how you manage and use your rainwater once you’ve collected it. The water security benefit (should the unthinkable happen) of having stored water is difficult to put a value to but is an asset non-the-less.


Steel Water Tanks

Supplied in kit form and easy to construct with two people; steel water tanks are ideal for Horticulture, agriculture, fish farming, bulk water storage, fire fighting, rainwater harvesting and sports turf irrigation.

Various covers are available:

An Anti-Algae Cover allows rainwater to permeate through maximising the tank as a storage and collection facility.

Fully galvanised and a Steel Cover iscome with a centre spinning and permanent centre support and an eaves access hatch with safety bars to deter unauthorised access to the tank.

Floating Covers are fabricated from tough 400 micron PVC with integral flotation bubbles. They offer a cost effective deterrent to algae growth and debris built up in your water tank.

Net Covers are a low cost solution to prevent air born debris falling into the tank.


Poly Water Tanks

Poly tanks are manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene to prevent premature UV degradation, corrosion and rust. They are Tough and durable with a ribbed design for extra strength. The tank is manufactured on one piece, ensuring long term structural strength. The tanks have extra wall thickness at the base for stability.


Lagoon Liners

Rubber Lagoon Liners are sold per m2 and manufactured from 0.75mm or 1.00mm thick industrial grade rubber (EPDM). Durable, flexible and rot-proof with a 20 year guarantee against UV degradation. Fish safe and no negative effect on the environment.

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