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Our Greenhouses are available in the following widths: - 

18ft (5.49 metres)

21ft (6.40 metres)

24ft (7.31 metres)

27ft (8.23 metres)

30ft (9.14 metres)

Prices range from £1469 to £17,150*

Northern Polytunnels Single Span Polytunnels are far superior compared to our competitors, and to prove it, we'll happily match and beat any LIKE for LIKE quote. Simply email us with your quote and we'll get right back to you.

Contact us now for a quote

Below you'll find all the options available to you when you purchase your Single Span, these options are what make Northern Polytunnels the premium choice for those looking for a new Single Span

Sizes - Standard or High Sided
Our Single Span Polytunnels come in the following widths 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft & 30ft.
Our standard inner height is 1.83 metres which gives a comfortable working height at either side up to within 30cms of the insides.
The High-sided option is a further 65cm higher, which reduces the rate of temperature increase. Learn More

Hoops Construction
The 4-piece hoops connect to the straight leg - making the product stronger as it's unable to snake, it also gives the option for increasing the short leg width without compromising the stability of the Single Span. Other manufacturers of Polytunnels allow their connections on the curve of the hoop which compromises the strength meaning they need to use bracing brackets. This means extra materials, extra costs and looks poor. Learn More

Gable Ends
Single Span Basic - The gable ends on our Singe Span Standard range are made with 75x75mm C24 Timber which is bigger, stronger and longer-lasting.
Single Span Professional - These come with a Steel Tubular Gable-end option with wiggle wire fixing - Unique to Northern Polytunnels
Single Span Premium - Aluminium Gable end with wiggle wire box end - Unique to Northern Polytunnels. Learn More

Polytunnel Cover
The Cover Tensioning System - Using a bespoke turnkey solution, the collar tensioning system enables a quick and easy tensioning of the polytunnel cover throughout the lifespan. Unlike some manufacturers, our system allows easy tightening and slackening throughout the lifespan of the SingleSpan Learn More

Side Vents
The Draft Free Skirt has been proven to reduce the risk of low drafts that can enter the polytunnel which is better for the plants. A winding handle on the outside allows easier access to the ventilation system. Learn More

Crop Bars
Crop bars give the structure added strength but are also used for suspending irrigation spray lines, tying up crops such as tomatoes and vines or for suspending hanging baskets. Learn More

Base Rails
The Base Rails, Side Rails and End Frames come in two options: Learn More

Foundation Options
Our foundations come in three different options: Learn More

Polythene Options
Available in Lumisol Clear, Lumisol Diffused, Green/White Polythene (Blackout), White UVI Polythene and Full Net Covers, all our options are manufactured in the UK. Learn More

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