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Irrigation Kits

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  1. Pot / Growbag Dripper Kit

    Pot / Growbag Dripper Kit
    Starting at: £62.50 (Exc. VAT) £75.00 (Inc. VAT)

  2. Drip Line Kit

    Drip Line Kit
    Starting at: £112.22 (Exc. VAT) £134.66 (Inc. VAT)

  3. Overhead Irrigation System

    Overhead Sprinkler Watering Kit
    Starting at: £48.66 (Exc. VAT) £58.39 (Inc. VAT)

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During the hottest months of the year your plants may require watering several times a day. An irrigation system will not only make life easier, it will also give your plants the right amount of water when they need it.

Using our knowledge and experience from the professional horticultural market, we have carefully selected various irrigation products and put together three irrigation kits that are suitable for your garden and polytunnel.

The Pot / Growbag Dripper Kit will target plants directly - ideal for watering in pots, containers, grow bags etc. Individual drippers can be placed exactly where required, allowing precise watering at the base of each plant without any wastage.

The Drip-line Kit is a low-level watering system. The drip lines place the water at ground level where it is required without wetting foliage/flowers or soaking the pathways. The emitters along the drip line release water slowly eliminating water waste. Ideal for veg and flower beds.

The Overhead Sprinkler Kit is fastened to the central ridge of your polytunnel with individual sprinklers suspended on 30cm drop tubes. The sprinklers imitate rainfall gently watering the whole area inside your polytunnel tunnel.

All the above kits are supplied with click-fit hose connections, and can be used with any of our automatic, battery-operated irrigation timers.

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