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Ground Tubes

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  1. Single Ground Tube

    Single Ground Tube
    Starting at: £0.38 (Exc. VAT) £0.46 (Inc. VAT)

  2. Single Ground Tube on Plate

    Single Ground Tube on Plate
    Starting at: £9.75 (Exc. VAT) £11.70 (Inc. VAT)

  3. 27mm OD screw Anchors to fit 32mm hoop

    27mm OD screw Anchors to fit 32mm hoop
    £13.08 (Exc. VAT) £15.70 (Inc. VAT)

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As with any structure, your polytunnel will need a sound, secure foundation for it to withstand the forces exerted by strong winds.

There are various options to choose from:

To give your polytunnel the most secure foundation we recommend using ground tubes concreted into the ground. For this you will need to order a single ground tube plus one concreting bar per ground tube. You will need to dig a 35cm2 hole per tube.

If you are unable to concrete your foundations due to allotment rules or don't want the extra cost of concrete, you can use our ground anchor plates. Ground anchor plates are used when placing your polytunnel on soft ground. A flat plate clamped to the bottom of the ground tube, which is then positioned in the bottom of the foundation hole. For each anchor plate you will require a 35cm2 hole.

Ground tubes driven into the ground should only be used if you are trenching the polythene into the ground as the cover will help to secure the polytunnel.

Good news, you can build a polytunnel on a concrete base or existing concrete foundation with the use of ground tubes on a plate. This is a single ground tube welded to a base plate.

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