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Raised Beds & Cloches

ArmourGuard: Available with Hoop Kits

Advantages of using raised beds...

We have designed our wooden raised beds specifically for both garden and allotment growers. The advantage of using a raised bed is that any area of land can be turned into a fertile growing environment. Manufactured using 145mm x 45mm (6”x 2”) ‘Tanalith E’ treated timber that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified

Simply order two or three raised beds and stack them up. Our unique corner and side bracket system allows you to stack raised beds on top of each other, creating a raised bed as tall as you like (each individual bed is 15cm).

Good Drainage: As the soil is above the normal height of the garden or allotment, any excess water will be drained, leaving perfect growing conditions for your crops.

Grow What You Choose: As a raised bed contains fresh soil, you can control the conditions of your growing area. This allows you to monitor the pH level, nutrient levels and even prevent weeds, slugs etc.

Protect Plants: As the raised beds stand out from the normal growing areas the likelihood of damage to crops caused by footprints, footballs, window cleaners etc, will be dramatically reduced. By adding a hoop kit to your raised bed you can also protect against frost damage.

Long Lasting: All our timber is sourced from sustainable sources and treated with Tanalith® E (Tanalith® E is a chrome and arsenic free preservative). Our unique corner fittings come zinc plated for added durability.

Steel Hoop Kits

Available for our 4ft wide or 6ft wide raised beds or can be screwed onto the edge of any existing raised bed, the kits are for 4ft, 8ft or 12ft long beds. Our hoop kits have been designed to be easily attached and removed from your raised bed with our unique fixing brackets. They will also fit fit to any existing 4ft or 6ft wide raised bed.

Polytunnel Environment: By using high quality aluminium, the hoops fit together easily and securely, and combining a hoop kit with your raised bed, you can create a mini Polytunnel environment that can be used and removed when ever its needed.

Double The Warmth: By using a hoop kit inside your polytunnel you can create a perfect propagation unit for younger plants that may need that extra warmth. The cloche can be removed and re-attached whenever it is needed.

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