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Polytunnel Roof Vent

The ultimate polytunnel roof ventilation system for multi-span polytunnels. Mechanically operated on a rack & pinion system running off a 24vDC motor. These roof vents can be incorporated into your new polytunnel design or retrospectively fitted to existing polytunnels. When in the closed position the vent sits tightly against the edge of the gutter, with a rubber seal creating a draft-free closure.

Contact our sales team on 01282 873120 or for more information and prices.

Product Description

Can be fitted to individual bays - along the full length of your polytunnel or just in a middle section. An automatic vent control panel allows it to be fully automated on a temperature basis or it can be manually controlled by the flick of a switch. Our unique design ensures the polythene cover remains tight and secure at all times.

The automatic vent controller has three inputs, enabling it to make decisions based on the greenhouse air temperature; outside air temperature (or rainfall with an optional rain sensor); and an emergency high-temperature sensor. Under normal operation, you would set the desired greenhouse temperature. When the temperature exceeds this the vents start to open in increments.


A ‘waiting time’ can be programmed between the increments allowing the temperature to stabilise before further operation. Likewise, when the greenhouse temperature starts to fall below the desired temperature, the same happens in reverse as the vents close. A buffer can be set, of say 3°C of the desired temperature, where operation is delayed until further fluctuations occur.

In the event of a sensor failure, an ‘emergency’ high-temperature sensor will command the vents. An outside temperature sensor (supplied) or rain sensor (optional extra) can also be used to influence ventilation decisions.

 ·   The temperature set point and current temperature are permanently displayed.

 ·    Proportional control across the full temperature range of +5 to +45°C

Prices from £45 per linear metre - call 01282 873120 for a quote.

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