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Sheep Housing Polytunnel

Sheep Housing Polytunnels

A simple way to offer protection for your sheep, in one form or another, have been on the planet for at least ten thousand years. Whilst they are fairly hardy and adaptable, as winter sets in it's useful to consider how, as a valuable or vital business asset, you might best offer them protection against the considerable vagaries of the British climate. If you are lucky, you might have plenty of space in a barn to house them as necessary. But this is a luxury that many simply don't have, or couldn't afford. Luckily, Northern Polytunnels have produced an excellent solution to this problem.

Inexpensive Alternative to Farm BuildingsThe benefits of using a sheep-housing polytunnel

The polytunnel was once unfairly described as a poor man's barn, which is about as accurate as calling a tent a poor man's house! As with tents, however, major improvements have been made to the materials used in polytunnels and the way in which they are constructed. So let's look at the benefits of housing your sheep in one of these inexpensive alternatives to traditional farm buildings. Like any other key asset, you want to protect your sheep as best you can. This protection might be from predators, depending on where you farm, but almost certainly from the harshness of the climate. As well as offering this shelter, say to lambing ewes during the winter, sheep polytunnels are also truly useful during the lambing season itself. Incidentally, the structure can be put to good use during the rest of the year for hay and other storage. It also provides a dry location when shearing.

Some facts about your Sheep Housing Polytunnel

Northern Polytunnels have close to half a century of experience in the design and manufacture of these products. We have adapted the traditional structure and now use UV stabilised 720g white polythene. This is guaranteed for five years and offers an excellent 68% light transmission. You'll be well aware how vital it is to reduce the risk of disease when housing any livestock. Ventilation is an accepted key to achieving this and these polytunnels have large end access doors. They also use side vents to ensure adequate heat reduction and air circulation whenever your sheep are housed there. These structures are the strongest available in the marketplace and use 50 and 60mm diameter galvanised tubing and heavy duty foundation tubes. They use 2 piece hoops (and 5 hoop spacings) as these are much stronger than the 3 or 4 piece options you might find elsewhere. In fact, this structure can withstand windspeeds up to around 60mph. These sheep polytunnels use a galvanised building frame which both reduces maintenance costs and makes for a permanent structure. You can also add additional tie bars which increases support and snow load capacity by around 20%.

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