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  1. Single Span Hobby Hoops

    Single Span Polytunnel Hoops 32mm and 50mm
    Starting at: £17.38 (Exc. VAT) £20.86 (Inc. VAT)

  2. Easy-Build Brace Bar Kit (Widthways Crop Bars)

    Easy-Build Brace Bar Kit (Widthways Crop Bars)
    Starting at: £7.94 (Exc. VAT) £9.53 (Inc. VAT)

  3. Ridge tube

    Ridge Tube
    Starting at: £0.29 (Exc. VAT) £0.35 (Inc. VAT)

  4. Ridge Tube Plug

    Ridge Tube Plug
    Starting at: £0.22 (Exc. VAT) £0.26 (Inc. VAT)

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At Northern Polytunnels we pride ourselves on the quality of our polytunnel framework. We stock our polytunnel framework to refurbish or extend existing polytunnels or for designing your own.

Our hoops are manufactured from 32mm, Z35 structural steel. Because the hoops are manufactured in just two sections, it will give your structure the ultimate strength without the need for extra bracings.

Crop bars or brace bars are horizontal bars that runs from one side of each hoop to the other, above head height. They add extra strength to your polytunnel and provide useful support for baskets or crops.

A ridge down the centre of your polytunnel holds all your hoops secure and gives the structure strength, for extra strength you may want to have a double or even a triple ridge. The central ridge is also ideal for attaching an overhead irrigation system. When ordering your ridge you will need ridge plugs (one per end of the tunnel) to prevent your polythene snagging on the steel.

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