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Polytunnel Irrigation Systems

Irrigating your Polytunnel

Irrigating your polytunnel

One of the main reasons for investing in a polytunnel is to have the chance to protect and grow your choice of fruit, vegetables, flowers and other plants at times which would previously have been considered the off-season. Whether this is for commercial or personal reasons, using a polytunnel allows you to better control all the factors which influence growth. So, you can gain protection from intense heat, biting winds, cold snowstorms and the like. One key consideration is to make sure you use an effective method of irrigation.

About our polytunnel irrigation systems

You'll be looking for polytunnel irrigation systems and materials that you know will do the job for you. That's why we have taken special care to ensure that all our kits are carefully assembled with only top quality commercially-used components. For example, you'll know that the most important part of any polytunnel irrigation system are the nozzles and dippers. That's why we source ours from Netafim - in business since 1965 and the acknowledged product leaders with one-third of the world micro-irrigation market.

All the kits we provide for you are supplied with standard 1/2 pipe connections, allowing them to be easily connected to your existing garden hose. When ordering, you simply select the maximum length you require (say 25 feet), and your kit will contain all the necessary materials and parts you'll need to construct your system up to that length.

Three great kits to choose from

Here are some key points about the three terrific options we provide:

Micro Drip Irrigation Kit – Brilliant when you’re using grow bags or pots which require individual watering. You simply attach one of the drippers to each pot or bag. The kit is supplied with all the necessary fittings and hose connectors.

Drip Irrigation Kit – The ideal low-level watering system which places the water where it’s required without wetting foliage/flowers or soaking your pathway. Supplied with enough pipe and fittings for both sides of your polytunnel.

Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation Kit – Best described as light rain falling, this option provides blanket coverage across your whole polytunnel and is easy to install with no disturbance to your plants. Suitable for polytunnels up to 16ft wide. 

 Photos of popular polytunnel irrigation methods

If you grow commercially...

For larger polytunnels then our Overhead Irrigation Systems are the way to go. We offer two types of overhead irrigation kits – ‘single strip watering’ for single-span polytunnels and ‘overlapping’ for full house irrigation in multi-span polytunnels/greenhouses.

How can we help you?

You can also request a quote, or contact us with any key questions. Simply email or call us on 01282 873120. We look forward to helping you provide the vital irrigation your precious plants deserve.

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